Monday, May 30, 2011

Aunt Ruby's Corn Casserole

This is my go to recipe for cookouts, family get togethers,  pot luck dinners, or anytime take a dish is mentioned.  I copied and pasted this straight off our family website.  I remember the day I typed this on our family page, I was suppose to be cleaning Aunt Ruby's house but we started playing on the computer  and I was trying to teach Aunt Ruby how to navigate the family page. She said I would put a recipe on there, but as slow as I type it would be weeks before I got it on there.   So I typed it for her. I can hear her say "Most deliciousiest", anything she eats  that she loves gets titled the most delisciousest.  This recipe is in her words, The number of servings, and preparation time is exactly as she said them.

Title: Corn CasseroleDescription:By: Aunt Ruby
Most Deliciousiest Corn Casserole in the Whole
World. Hope ya'll enjoy it ! !

1 can whole kernnel corn- do not drain
1 can cream style corn
1 pkg. cornbread mix (not Jiffy)
2 eggs
1 stick of butter
4 tablespoon sugar

Melt butter in pan and then mix all ingredients
together-stir good and cook at 350 degrees for
30 minutes or until you feel it is good and done and brown.

Number Of Servings:Depends on how hungry they are. Could double the thing.

Preparation Time:  I done told you until it is good and done and brown.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Nannie (a List of Memories)

Velma Jane Maddox Hart
The Original Hart Girl :)

1. Always in an apron, if she took off her apron, we were going somewhere.
2. Juicy Fruit gum in her purse. Still the smell of Juicy Fruit reminds me of Nannie. (Not that I have a pack in my kitchen cabinet to sniff once in a while.)
3. Tomatoes on newspapers in the spare bedroom, on the floor, dressser, windowsills.
4. Shelling peas in aforementioned apron.
5. Snuff glasses.
6. Hanging laundry out on the line.
7. Nannie's hands.. I always thought she held them so elegantly, slightly curved in and I tried to imitate holding mine like that. Later I learned it was arthritis.
8. Her stockings, rolled down below her hemline.
9. Coming out to the car to say good-bye when we were leaving, always with something in her hand to give to you. You never left Nannie's house empty handed.
10. The GIGANTIC Lord's Supper picture above her dining room table, that shrank the older I got (the little one hangs in my dining room today).
11. Oatmeal cooked in milk.. yummy...
12. Strawberry cake. (I will post the recipe soon.. YUMMO)
13. Making bisquits, on the tupperware mat with circles, and cutting them out with the tin can my Daddy had fixed for her. She always said it was the best biscuit cutter she ever had. ( I bought me a tupperware mat at an antique booth a few years ago, my biscuits still don't taste like Nannie's.. maybe I need a fany biscuit cutter.)
14. Making the bed, step by step, First beat the dirt off the sheets, pull up sheets until EVERY wrinkle was out of them, then cover with chenille bedspred and the proper way to cover the pillows with the bedspread just so.
15. Sunday dinner, full of veggies, and cornbread... I think fried chicken or some other meat, but oh the veggies, whatever was in season!!!

I love you Velma Jane Maddox Hart, and thank you for your gentleness, your love and your forever support. You and Papa are the foundation of our great and loving family.

Happy Birthday!!