Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cabbage and Black Eyed Peas.. must be Jan 1st.

Happy New YEARS!!! Have you had your cabbage and black eyed peas?

I am not sure if it is just a Texas thang or a Southern thing, but you MUST have black eyed peas and cabbage for New Year's Day. It is what we do,  good luck, and prosperity is involved, but mostly because yer Mama SAID SO.  And of course you have to have a good piece of buttered corn bread to go with it.  Well, you don't have to, but WHY WOULDN'T you.  This year I made corn muffins.

 I am the great procrastinator, and have put off making my New Year's resolutions, until TODAY.  Last year my resolution was easy, just to Be happy. To not let circumstances steal my joy. I  think I mainly was happy.

I am a very listy kind of a person, I can make a list a mile long. I have them everywhere.  I  started writing  a list of  resolutions, and it got long, but the more I looked at it the more it boiled down to just two things. Instead of my list of things, I want to make a plan.  So here is my small list with some plans to implement them. 

Resolution #1. Lead a healthier lifestyle.
Take my vitamins and calcium daily that I tell my doctor that I take. I don't tell him I take them daily but I just say I take them.   I just don't add.."sometimes".  It is really important and the older I get the more I know this.

Intake less caffiene.  That was even hard to type.  I am a Coffee person, I have a sign in my office that says, "Just plain evil without my coffee."  Now, noticed I didn't say NO caffiene,  I wouldn't want to hurt people, I will still have my coffee in the morning, just maybe not a whole pot of it.   I got this for Christmas.
  I can have it in my office where we can't get hot water and I have these

All Caffiene Free

So that is my plan for less caffiene, at least until someone gets injured.

Also healthier lifestyle will include more excercise, I am still working that out in my head, and is involved in resolution #2.

Resolution #2.  Slow down and take time to smell the Daffodils.
I like daffodils better than roses.   It seems this past year I have been TOO busy to enjoy the little things.  Little things like lunch or dinner with friends.  When I have done these things, they seemed smooshed into my busy schedule and not truly taken the time to enjoy them. 

I want to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me.  Beauty in nature and also the beauty in the people that are important to me.  I did not go camping  once last year. Oh, the horribleness of this, it makes me so sad.  I didn't have ONE picnic last year.  This must change.   I want more dinners with my kids, more time with my mom and aunts, cook outs with my friends  and more moments of being in the moment instead of thinking of things I must get done.  

Also, slow down and let the creativity flow, either in cooking, sewing, knitting or writing.  How can I not have time to do the things that I truly love to do?  

Laurie @  did a monthly check in last year of how she did on her New Year's resolutions.  I think this is a great way to be accountable. I am going to try that.  It should keep me more focused.

So there it is... My short little list of resolutions. Now to get busy and get them started.  Little lists are good too.    humm... truthfully, I think I see the "plan" turning into a big ole long list... woo hoo.. I love a good list.