Friday, January 29, 2010

Twig up your hair and be happy!!!

I am remembering my New Year's resolution to live a happy life.  I am really!!

But yesterday and today I am going through the valley, the temptation to throw up my hands and give it up.  I know I can have an over all happiness in my life, while still shedding many many tears.  

I am happy today that yesterday my Daddy got a kiss I sent him from my sweet sweet Aunt Lovis.  I know Daddy would be happy about that too, because it was from me, and (shhh don't tell my other aunts but,) I always knew Aunt Lovis was my Daddy's favorite. How could she not be.. she was my Mama's best friend.

And I know Aunt Lovis found Jonathan for me and gave him a big ole Aunt Lovis hug.

Borrowing from Toby Keith's  " Crying for Me Waymans Song"

"I'm gonna miss that smile

I'm gonna miss you my friend  aunt
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I'd do it all again
So play Sing it sweet in heaven
'Cause Thats right where you want to be
I'm not cryin cause I feel so sorry for you
I'm cryin for me"

going to miss that smile
other things I will miss about my Aunt Lovis ( but I am Happy for the memories)

1.  Barefeet (she taught me well)
2.  Batting eyelashes
3. Peanut Brittle
4. Chocolate Pies ( I could fill this list with the foods she cooked.. these are my two  all time favorites)
5. Vicks Vapor rub..(hiding my head to cough in the pillow so she wouldn't make me eat it)
6.  her hymn singing when she sewed my clothes in Arkansas
7. Reggie and Doe Reggie (my family understands this and the friendship that is Lovis and Mozell)
8. Fussing at Uncle William and then petting him to death :)
9. Easters at the farm  in  Reno, Texas and the memories she made with my kids.
10. Twigging up her hair, putting on lipstick and putting on shoes for that  next great adventure, whether it be  a party, a reunion or a trip to  

you aren't part of the family.. you don't understand twigging up your hair...I had to explain to my friend Nan this afternoon in an email.. about our trip to Savannah in the Spring...

Whenever  something special was going on, like a trip to town, or a family reunion or to church on memorial day, My sweet Aunt Lovis would put the rollers in her hair and let it dry and right before she got ready to go to the BIG event, would take the rollers out and take her back comb and TWIG UP HER HAIR, put on her lipstick and last thing put on her shoes(she never wore shoes)... and set out on her grand adventure.... Yesterday Aunt Lovis TWIGGED up her hair.. and went to heaven and gave my daddy a kiss on the cheek... so if we are going on this trip we are going HART GIRL STYLE..... now TWIG UP YOUR HAIR AND GET READY.... and I am going to stop crying and go start making my lists... WATCH OUT SAVANNAH!!!!

I'm going to miss you my AUNT!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am fanciful I tell ya...

Yesterday on my favorite blog  (my secret stalkee) posted about her redneck travel mug... but it was not quiet as "fanciful" as mine... good for a smoothie, but GIRL PLEASE, I may have been born in Dallas, but I grew up in the mountains of Arkansas.  When your children steal all your thermoses(sp), what do you resort to, to carry your beverage?  I resorted to that which works best.

Notice the beautiful crocheted dishcloth it sits on!!

I was actually watching the food network this weekend and saw a couple preparing a picnic and then they loaded up their  iced peach tea in mason jars to  ummm take to their living room to drink.  Not sure about the living room part but  made me think... And yes I do have a gigantic jar, because yanno DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!  

Simple things... I am happy.

Of course I can get away with it... Living in Texas and all, and if the Texans say something I just say, I am from Arkansas, and they just nod in understanding.

BTW... cute simple project pictures coming soon.. Patience, remember I am new at this!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facebook Colors

 It was a simple request... just post your bra color on Facebook and raise awareness for breast cancer. Cute little thing women could do and maybe just MAYBE would remind someone to think, or act and get a mammogram. For the last two days, this small deed has proven the old adage, "no good deed, goes unpunished".

I was bombarded about it being a sexist thing to do, DON’T YOU KNOW MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO…. to it making other cancers seem like LESS than breast cancer. Seriously??? SERIOUSLY!!! I posted my bra color so now I hate men and think any cancer that isn't breast cancer is less of a cancer. Me, whose father died of lung cancer and whose mother is an ovarian cancer survivor.

Cancer is CANCER.... HELLO!!!!

Cancer is a killer... do we have a new label to worry about cancerist, one cancer is worse or better than another cancer, depending on where it attacks??? I never knew one cancer was better...

CANCER... bad in my book in any form... but I am a simple mind.

I got upset, yanno let someone steal my happiness. Then I remembered my New Year's resolution, to just be HAPPY... I have to realize I can't do everything... but I can do SOMETHING.. This was something, ok maybe it wasn't perfect, but

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Voltaire

Just because I can't do everything perfect doesn't mean I will not do anything good.

and on that note...

I stand up and say

"BLACK” for today….

Monday, January 4, 2010

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

A nice thing about settling for “good”
when “perfect” is too daunting
is that achieving a small thing
often gives you the energy
to attempt a bigger thing.