Who is Bobbie?

Well, first of all Bobbie isn't really Bobbie... It was a name given to me by a dear little girl who couldn't say my given name.  It always came out Bobbie... and then her younger sister called me Bobbie and every time she came to my house she would be so excited and yell, "Bobbie's HOUSE!!!"   hence the name,  this blog is just things we do Here at Bobbie's House.   I am a lover of lists. I love me a good list.  Either a to do list, a don't forget list, a going on vacation list, (I think I just made a lists of lists).  So I will tell you about me through lists.

Who I am...
1.  a MOM, to 4 of the most amazing children ever. Oh, so what if they are all grown, they are still children to me ::BEAMING:: 

2.  I work at an amazing Charter school in Dallas, Texas.  I am the Section 504/Dyslexia Coordinator.  Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act deals with education.  Basically, I make sure that students with disabilities are treated fairly and get the help they need. I am also trained to teach children with Dyslexia to read. 

3. I am the total opposite of the Pioneer Woman, as in I am an accidental city girl.  I am not sure how I got here in this big old city.  I was born in this big old city, but when I was 7 I moved to the Ozark mountains and lived 8 miles out of a tiny town, on a dirt road, and I spent the next 10 years roaming the woods, swimming in the lake, playing in a barn, my idea-lick childhood.  Now I commute 37 miles each way everyday to get to work. Somethings not right here.