Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am fanciful I tell ya...

Yesterday on my favorite blog  (my secret stalkee) posted about her redneck travel mug... but it was not quiet as "fanciful" as mine... good for a smoothie, but GIRL PLEASE, I may have been born in Dallas, but I grew up in the mountains of Arkansas.  When your children steal all your thermoses(sp), what do you resort to, to carry your beverage?  I resorted to that which works best.

Notice the beautiful crocheted dishcloth it sits on!!

I was actually watching the food network this weekend and saw a couple preparing a picnic and then they loaded up their  iced peach tea in mason jars to  ummm take to their living room to drink.  Not sure about the living room part but  made me think... And yes I do have a gigantic jar, because yanno DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!  

Simple things... I am happy.

Of course I can get away with it... Living in Texas and all, and if the Texans say something I just say, I am from Arkansas, and they just nod in understanding.

BTW... cute simple project pictures coming soon.. Patience, remember I am new at this!!!