Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facebook Colors

 It was a simple request... just post your bra color on Facebook and raise awareness for breast cancer. Cute little thing women could do and maybe just MAYBE would remind someone to think, or act and get a mammogram. For the last two days, this small deed has proven the old adage, "no good deed, goes unpunished".

I was bombarded about it being a sexist thing to do, DON’T YOU KNOW MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO…. to it making other cancers seem like LESS than breast cancer. Seriously??? SERIOUSLY!!! I posted my bra color so now I hate men and think any cancer that isn't breast cancer is less of a cancer. Me, whose father died of lung cancer and whose mother is an ovarian cancer survivor.

Cancer is CANCER.... HELLO!!!!

Cancer is a killer... do we have a new label to worry about cancerist, one cancer is worse or better than another cancer, depending on where it attacks??? I never knew one cancer was better...

CANCER... bad in my book in any form... but I am a simple mind.

I got upset, yanno let someone steal my happiness. Then I remembered my New Year's resolution, to just be HAPPY... I have to realize I can't do everything... but I can do SOMETHING.. This was something, ok maybe it wasn't perfect, but

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Voltaire

Just because I can't do everything perfect doesn't mean I will not do anything good.

and on that note...

I stand up and say

"BLACK” for today….