Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Old Friend!!

Well, hello how have you been...Me, I have been fine just incredibly busy, and distracted.  I realized it has been almost a year since I have posted, but I have thought bout it and actually have some drafts of recipes and a camera full of photos I have taken for this here blog.  But here it is summer and I am back, with a resolve to be better.  This morning I checked Facebook and Missie Swayze posted that she had restarted posting on her blog There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation after a long time away and I thought why not, today is a good day to start, also happens to be a rare day I am actually home all day long, with no intention of leaving the house.  
So let's catch up.... and get some pictures off my camera card :)

This is last summer, surprise flowers blooming at the side of my house.

This is a  the top of a squash that I thought was just the cutest little thing :-P

This was when I played JUICY for 105 points in  Words with Friends and I was so happy I took a picture of it.. :D

This is my Mother with my great nephew Luke, who is also my grandpa..
I  grew up in Arkansas.
I will tell Grandpa Luke story someday

This is chocolate pie,  again it makes me happy!!!

This was crazy hair day at school.. I think I succeeded. :)

This was me trying to prove to people you can find GOOD clothes for cheap at Thrift Stores.

This is a quilt block I made for my son's STILL unfinished denim quilt... the story continues

This was Texas/OU game night.. Texas lost... and Luke lost the bet :(
This is a piece of vintage Friendship pyrex my friend Lynette got me for my b'day ... I was VERY HAPPY!!!
This is when Qman grew out his whiskers to play Santa Claus ... When he shaved it made me HAPPY!!!
This is my friend Lynette when we took her granddaughter's ice skating at Christmas and we got kicked out of the mall..
This is two bottle of Rodeo Red wine from Los Pinos Vineyards that my friend Jim Bob got me for Christmas.

This is where Thelma, Louis and Ethyl (also known as Lynette, Nan and Bobbie) went for New Year's Eve.
This is what Ethyl, Thelma, and Louise looked like outside of the Hotel. 

Spring day in Texas!!

The burger I had on 6th Street last week in Austin.  It was yummy.

There now you are all caught up on my year.  Actually, looking back on it, it was sort of an exciting year.. :)