Monday, July 2, 2012

Confession Update

The house is getting back on track...

Dining room table cleaned, tablecloth washed , starched and ironed. :)

 Cleaned and rearranged the cabinet behind the table.

The buffet scrubbed and re-arranged.

Kitchen clean.

Kitchen  windows cleaned. 

Sheets washed and beds made. 

Rocking chair in den back to being a rocking chair.  Still working on the mini office in the corner.

Still have some rooms to go, but feeling better, I have this week off, so more should get done, and possibly get to dive into the craft room. :)  between cooking...

PS... I need to apologize to my Friend Lynette for calling her OCD....Lynette I am TRULY sorry... I know I should have said CDO because you like all the letters in alphabetical order.  :-P