Monday, July 9, 2012

FIG PERSERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week I got the chance to visit my Mama, Sister and Son in East Texas.  My Sister is remodeling the house so my youngest son is there for the summer working, helping her in exchange for a car. My baby will have his own car... .and I am ONLY 29, hard to believe huh!! My Mama said "You better bring sugar and jars, because I have figs."   These are the easiest jam, jelly, or preserves you will ever make. Just two ingredients.  They are my favorite preserve and also my boys love them. 

First you wash all those beautiful figs.  There are so pretty.. I love them!!

Then you take a seat and cut the stem off and them slice them in half.
When you finally have them all sliced you cover them in sugar.  We just eye ball it, but looking for a recipe on the internets Emril says a cup of sugar to a pound of figs. You know if I am making this it isn't Rocket Science, just make sure all the figs are coated in sugar.  Then you just wait, overnight it optimal, but we sat them out in the Texas heat to speed up the process.

A few hours later and the sugar and fig juice has all melted together into yummiliciousness and you are good to go

See that yumminess... be still my heart, now you place them over medium low heat and slowly simmer until the figs melt down and the juice thickens, about 3o minutes.

Place in jars making sure the top of the figs are covered in juice. Wipe the top of the jars with a clean towel. Boil the lids and place on jars.

Emril also says to water bath these.  I never have, and they are always good even in the middle of winter.  If you find a fig tree, try this, 2 ingredients, no pectin is needed :)